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Chiropractor in Northridge, CA

Chiropractor in Northridge, CA

Welcome to a space where enhanced well-being and comfort become your new reality serving as your chiropractor in Northridge, CA. We understand that dealing with back pain or any physical distress can be a draining experience—it’s something many of us have faced along our paths. That is why you need a chiropractor to help you.

At Robert Zeravica Chiropractic, we’ve channeled our heartfelt understanding and deep expertise into creating personalized chiropractic solutions just for you. Here, you’ll uncover a range of chiropractor services meticulously designed to ease your pain and support you on the road to better health.

Step in and let yourself embrace the relief that awaits!

Our Techniques

Why choose us as your Chiropractor?

Chiropractor in Northridge, CA

Meet Dr. Robert Zeravica, DC

Welcome to the heart of Robert Zeravica Chiropractic, where our vision is centered around excellence and a deep commitment to patient well-being with our chiropractor. Dr. Zeravica, the driving force behind our practice, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for providing exceptional chiropractic care.

Dr. Zeravica’s journey is marked by a dedication to service and a commitment to the well-being of his patients. As a proud veteran of the US Marine Corps, he brings discipline, integrity, and a strong sense of duty to his practice. Dr. Zeravica’s military background shapes his approach, emphasizing precision and a results-driven mindset in providing top-tier chiropractic care. Dr. Zeravica is not just a chiropractor; he is a compassionate partner on your journey to optimal health.

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At Robert Zeravica Chiropractic, our vision is clear: to be a beacon of excellence in chiropractic care, offering patient-centered services that go beyond expectations. We believe in empowering individuals to achieve optimal health and well-being through personalized and comprehensive care.

One of Dr. Zeravica’s key areas of expertise lies in EDD SDI Disability certification. Recognizing the complexities of this process, he specializes in providing thorough and extended certifications. This commitment ensures that patients receive the support they need during their recovery periods, setting our practice apart from others.

Our Services

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Discover the difference at our chiropractic clinic! Step into our welcoming environment and experience personalized care tailored to your unique needs.

Our chiropractor and team are ready to guide you toward improved health and wellness, so visit us today for compassionate chiropractic services that prioritize your well-being.

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Our Specialties & Techniques

Experience the transformative benefits of Cranial Facial Release, a specialized technique at the core of our practice. Chiropractor Dr. Zeravica’s proficiency in this unique approach focuses on addressing cranial imbalances, promoting overall well-being, and enhancing your quality of life. By gently releasing tension in the facial and cranial regions, this technique contributes to improved neurological function and heightened vitality. Our dedication to providing this specialized service reflects our commitment to offering holistic, patient-centered care.

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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, finding holistic approaches that address the root causes of health issues is becoming increasingly crucial. One such innovative and comprehensive approach is Applied Kinesiology (AK).

This integrative technique, practiced by chiropractor experts like Dr. Robert Zeravica, goes beyond traditional diagnostics, blending elements of chiropractic care, muscle testing, and alternative medicine to provide a unique perspective on health and wellness.

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Navigating the intricacies of EDD SDI Disability is made seamless with Dr. Zeravica’s expertise. As a specialist in this field, he goes beyond the ordinary. His dedication ensures comprehensive support for your short-term disability insurance claims, allowing you to focus on your recovery with confidence. At Zeravica Chiropractic, we understand the importance of a smooth certification process, and Dr. Zeravica’s commitment sets us apart.

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Testimonials & Success Stories

Every morning I would wake up with back pain. I came for treatment and after I was so relaxed. The very next day I started noticing that I did not have back pain. This was done with only one treatment! I feel so much better.

Maria R

I have been a chiropractor for 28 years and have been adjusted by a lot of doctors. Very few could actually adjust my back in a way that would make it release, but Dr. Z’s adjusting skills FAR surpass the majority of doctors in our profession and I left his office pain free and feeling 10 years younger. He is now my new doctor and I would recommend him to anyone who has tried chiropractic and was disappointed with their care. Thanks Dr. Z you’re the best!

Dr. Adam D

Facial paralysis
I want to thank you for your care in resolving my facial paralysis following a dental procedure. As a chiropractor for over 26 years, I have been treated by many doctors in my time. You have a gift, a gift to heal. Your unique touch is greatly appreciated.

Dr. Jay A

Spine pain and abdominal inflammation
I am very happy that I have been helped with the problem in my spine. Thank God that he put Dr. Zeravica in my way. Additionally, with the nutritional supplement recommendations that he made, I no longer have inflammation pain in my lower abdominal area. It feels like Dr. Zeravica is part of my family.

Juanita G

Eyesight and Digestion
My eyesight has improved. I can distinguish smaller letters which I couldn’t have before. Additionally my digestive system is working much better and my stomach has less inflammation.

Elizabeth G

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insurance do you accept?

At Robert Zeravica Chiropractic, we accept the following insurance:

  •  PPO insurance only

We are in network with many insurances but not limited to the ones listed here. Contact us today to see if we are covered by your insurance!

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What types of payment methods do you accept?

At Robert Zeravica Chiropractic, we accept most major forms of payment including cash, major credit cards, and checks. If you want to know whether or not we take a specific payment form, please contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to go over it with you!

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Do you accept appointments? Do you accept walk-ins?

We recognize that there are instances when you may not be able to book an appointment.

In such instances, you are welcome to see us without an appointment.

Appointments are always encouraged and will be given priority over walk-ins, but we recognize the value of this alternative for persons with hectic schedules.

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What are your hours of operation?

Open 7 Days A Week: 7am - 7pm
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